Renewal of Vows

“I Do” Take Two

A Renewal of Vows Ceremony is a popular way in which married couples choose to reaffirm their words of love and commitment which they shared on their wedding day.

As your love has grown and changed over time within your married life, it is a lovely sentimental occasion to renew your vows. It’s not for everyone, but for you romantics out there I thoroughly recommend it.

Share with your partner, family and friends just how enduring and special your relationship has become. Renewing your vows isn’t as official as a wedding ceremony, so you can keep it simple. Just think of all of the wonderful stories of your life together you can share with your family and friends.

This form of ceremony can be as creative and personal as you want it to be. It provides you with an opportunity for your family, friends, children and maybe grandchildren to participate in and witness the commitment you share and the timeless love you have for one another.

Significant anniversaries are especially appropriate times for renewing your commitment, although the time factor can be as little as the next day or 30 years later. Your ceremony should be less formal than a wedding – more casual and fun and should completely reflect the essence of the two of you.

It is your choice whether it’s a re-enactment of your original wedding vows or a new and updated meaningful ceremony with vows you have written yourselves, or from an extensive range of prepared passages I can happily provide for you to choose from.

Unlike formal weddings, no legal paperwork is required for your renewal of vows. I do provide an attractive certificate at the end of your ceremony.

Together we can plan your ceremony so it is reflective of the love and commitment you share for each other.

Some things are worth saying twice!