Naming & Welcoming

The arrival of your new baby, an adopted child or stepchildren into your nest is a very special time.  A Naming or Welcoming Ceremony is a unique opportunity to celebrate their new life and welcome them into your family unit and their broader community.

Your ceremony can be an intimate affair or part of a larger celebration.  You can hold it wherever you like: your home, garden, a local park, a local hall, etc.

I always like to include the child’s details: when and where they were born, birth weight/length, origin or meaning of their names, their star sign and traits associated with it, etc.

Parents usually state their love for, and pledge a commitment to, their child.  You choose the wording so your ceremony reflects your child’s individuality and your life together.

If you have older children, I like to involve them with reading a poem or saying a few words to welcome their brother/sister into the world.  Grandparents usually love to be included as well.

These ceremonies involve the important people in the child’s life: family and special friends. Parents have the opportunity to ask other adults to play a supportive role to their child through to adult life as Godparents, Mentors or Supporters.

I prepare Certificates for Mum & Dad and the child’s Godparents and present them at the end of your ceremony.

I can help design your ceremony to reflect your wishes and I have a sample book of various ceremonies we can look through together.